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Get Organized at Work

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Get Organized at Work

A blog about productivity for professionals.
Let’s get organized at work!
My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I’ve never met anyone more organized than myself.
If you want to become better organized at work, you are in the right place.
I like to call it a passion, but my coworkers describe my organizational skills as an obsession. Regardless, they're happy I'm this way.
At Get Organized at Work, I'm sharing insights I've learned about how to stay organized in the professional workplace, mostly with the help of amazing and super-cool apps and programs.
Awesome reasons to become and stay organized at work:
Reducing stress.
Not the S-word!
When you're stressed at work, it doesn't help anyone, especially you. When the prep-work of organization is complete, any worries of "Where is that file I was asked for?" will be a thing of the past.
Everyone can benefit from being happier at work.
Increasing productivity.
Your boss will love this.
More than using the most expensive productivity apps, applying organizational methods to your work will allow you to accomplish and achieve more in less time.
When your boss is pleased with your work and expresses their appreciation for you, that always feels good.
Your highly-organized future self will thank you later.
The prep work is worth it.
Getting organized for the first time, or re-organizing for the first time in a while can be a lot. Later on, using and maintaining organization systems that have been set in place can be a lifesaver.
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